Sunday, January 5, 2020

Why is real communication so important

Why is real communication so important

Loneliness is a hot topic these days. In a digital world that allows for global communication, people are often less connected to society. While the issue of loneliness has stunned the public consciousness, the real problem is probably more of a "singularity". That is, they may be good - and even enjoy - occupying themselves with solitary activities, but are associated with a lack of emotion.

Experience has shown that people feel the greatest sense of well-being when they feel understood, valued, and valued. The interactions that do these things are more than just basic communication - people actually feel connected.

Don't misunderstand You can bond with a friend by loving interacting with your favorite basketball players, or breaking last night's date. Just taking a breeze can be fun. And a quick text message or even a personalized Facebook message can let you know what you think about them. These are all good things. But when these conversations, posts, or text exchanges do not turn into a deeper connection in which you have shared your real, you can still basically feel lonely.

Speaking frankly about your struggles and personal values, you provide a direct path to your heart. You invite someone else to really understand you. But besides that, you also make yourself vulnerable. These can be the most appropriate or lead to the most painful relationships.

Given the different ways people treat social media, it is not surprising that there are different results in research examining the impact of social media on people's feelings and relationships. People with established friendships often find that social media supports those relationships and can create happier moments in their day. More isolated people who use social media as a "secure" way to communicate often experience social media friendliness.

If you are struggling with a sense of disconnection and loneliness in the world, social media is not the problem. Computers and technology may allow people to live more insulated lives and add to the feeling of loneliness. But in your daily life, technology can help or hinder your communication. So look at how distance is related to others - or more accurately, how you maintain your distance. You can heal your loneliness by cultivating supportive and compassionate relationships where you and the other person feel secure in sharing your "real" self.

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