Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The relationship between Getting older and lived happily

The relationship between Getting older and lived happily

Getting older can be scary, but what many people do not understand is that it often brings happiness and overall satisfaction.

While the big middle birth is filled with the responsibilities of many professions and families, later on adulthood often provides more freedom from these acts. In fact, many studies have shown that people are often lucky because they are mature. For example, a study by researchers David Blanche Flore and Andrew Oswald examines the happiness of people in 72 countries. They found that in most countries of the world, people were less happy in the late 40's, but they lived happily and happily in many years.

When people no longer have many daily responsibilities, they can live more quickly. They can think more about their lives and the prospect, which is something that can naturally be with age too. As a result, as you age, it becomes easier to get clearer about your priorities and invest your time and attention to things that matter more to you. (This reminds me of my grandmother's repeated recommendations that when you are in good health, you want everything - wisely lost in a young and healthy child who has taken his health. With their true priorities, older people often feel good.

Age also often brushes. People who are sometimes provoked, angry, or very worried about what everyone else thinks they often feel emotionally in these areas. You may be less concerned about judging others, feel good about yourself and have less stimulating and humiliating relationships.

Over time, you can also measure your life with the amount of time you left, which can calm you down to find a way to peace with your life. You are likely to be more exposed to fatigue, discomfort, regret and discomfort. And you may have to enjoy the happiness and blessing of life - both big and small.

If you care about your body and mind, when it comes to your golden age, you will be more likely to have a physical, emotional, and social level. Many of these cases help maintain a healthy lifestyle: regular exercise, having enough sleep (including beating), having a healthy diet and keeping active and emotional social life. It is also important to sharpen your mind by reading, learning new things, and staying mentally in your world around you. And if you try to cultivate a positive attitude, you also have a winning combination.

Surely, they will never be happier with their age. Some people are under pressure and fighting aging. Others are dissatisfied with young people who are dissatisfied with older people. However, aging can have its own interests. And if you focus on the bulge, you give yourself an even better chance than happiness and love, as you progress to what I hope you really are your "golden years".

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