Tuesday, July 23, 2019

5 daily work that helps to strengthen your mind

5 daily work that helps to strengthen your mind

Have you ever been tired of your tiredness? I know I do. Most of us get lost through our lives through our thoughts, which is rarely about what is happening at that moment. Our mind focuses on the place and time, because we are worried about the future and talk about the past.

We can walk beyond thinking of what we have to do for dinner, or whether the person who did not respond to our email disperses us or if our plans come raining tomorrow. Meanwhile, we hardly notice the glare of the afternoon, the feeling of our legs on earth, the heat of the sun behind us.

It can be a relief to find the moments of mental silence, when thoughts fall into the background, and we remain closer to what actually happens. This is the whole idea of ​​mentality - unlike what is called the name, it is to leave us.

Mentality often makes images of a person born and meditated, because meditation is one of the most commonly used methods of mind-consciousness. But the point of mindfulness is that it's not really good at thinking; it really does experience this life.

This is actually the easiest thing in the world. All we need to do is open our awareness of our current experience. What do we see? What do we hear What physical feelings do you see? We do not have to create a story around these experiences; we can only get out of them without a literal word.

If you want to practice the concentration of your mind, it helps to learn throughout the day to remember your memo.

Choose what you do. There are five people who start

Waiting on line.

Your first reaction When you have to wait, like a grocery store, do something: Find your phone, have a mental directory, flip through a magazine. But it's expected to be a good opportunity to understand what's around you.

Sitting in a red light.

Similarly, in a red light stops you will be able to take a few moments easily (as I recently discussed with mediator teacher Ora Nadrich). Feel the armchair under your arm, your hands on the wheel. Note the sky. Pull your breath as your veins expand and contract.

Hand washing.

A lot of attention is given to how to wash the feel of water when passing your hands, the heat or cooling of the water, the sound of the tank, the feeling of the foot on the floor, feelings in your hands. Move over each other.

Before you eat.

As you sit on the food, you will ring the moment you take three breathtaking breaths. For the first time, come out of every tension that you hold in your body. Second, look at each person who shares food with you. With the third, place the color, shape and texture of the food in front of you. Try to stay right now because you enjoy your meal.

Going to bed.

When you lie down, you feel that your body is placed in the mattress, weighing your head on the pillow. Look at each home for sounds. Note the rise and fall of your blanket with every breath.

You will find that none of these exercises are trying to "stop your thoughts." They want to be there or not, you want them! Instead of placing the enemy's thoughts, let them guide them somewhere else.

There are limitless ways to practice mental consciousness, and none of them need to sit on a mediator or spend their time on their days. You can only have your own experience, whatever it is. You can now start at this moment. Welcome to your life

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