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Wonderful ways to boost your exercise

Wonderful ways to boost your exercise

No matter how hard it is or how much time you work to build muscle or weight loss, sometimes exercises that have been done for a long time will not deceive you. This means "drain" and it can be one of the most disappointing parts of the formation.

This happens when your body is used to your routine.

"Think about going to the woods and ruining the middle tree. You probably will create a stretchy stress reaction, your body will stretch and strengthen the callus. Compatibility If you go back after another week, Nick Kleinton, Program Director at the National Resistance and Ventilation Association (NSCA), says: "Trees that cut the same size do not cover their hands." "The same goes for exercise: your body adapts to be able to It will also eliminate the same amount of stress in the future. "

Fortunately, you are not necessarily the recipient. "It's likely that there are four or five things that have been consistently shown to help people to prevent them from being bothered," said Cedric Bryant, PhD, chairman and chief scientific officer of the American Sports Council (ACE). Getting to a plateau is effective. "

Change your approach

The first step is to go back a little bit.

"There's a way, gradually, over time, to increase the intensity of the workout-increase in weight, increase the number of repetitions you perform, resistance exercises, and reduce the amount of rest between sets or exercises," Bryant said.

Think of FITT to help you decide how to shake things:

  • Frequency, between 3 and 5 days a week

  • Strength, how hard you work (as in the better shape, you need more intense exercise to reach your heart rate for your age.)

  • Time, 20 to 60 minutes per session, up to 150 minutes per week

  • Types of Exercise

"Changing your exercises" grew out of the whole concept of cross-training, "Bryant says. By changing the exercise, you mix the stimuli that you apply in the body."

He says, with resistance training, people will combine their exercise discipline, starting with the lower body, if they usually start with their upper body. Or, you can change upper and lower body exercises as a way to get a new type of stress or stimulus.

Clayton shows you a monthly schedule for exercising your strength, for example, and make sure you do not over-utilize any of the muscle groups:

  • Focus on muscular endurance. Work with your upper and lower body with 15 to 20 repetitions.

  • Work in specific body parts such as legs, chests, shoulders, or back and bicycles, with 3-5 sets of 6 to 12 repetitions.

  • Build power with higher weights and fewer repetitions, such as 3-6 sets of 1 to 5 repetitions.

  • Re-start the cycle.

Allowed to retrieve

The right amount of recovery time is also an important part of breaking the plateau.

"Many people do not have enough exercise at their gymnasts," Brignot says. "I think that today, more than ever, may be more than ever before, because we are engaged in our lifestyle and turned into things that are like intense jump exercises and more intense training forms," ​​he said.

How much do you need it? "The biggest thing that's smart enough to listen to your body," he says. "Normally, when you do not have enough of your body to adjust the exercise, you'll start to slow down in performance, Severe or similar loads of workouts are harder. You can also be less enthusiastic about your workouts.

If this happens, it is your signal that allows you to have more rest, reduce your stress or change the changes you take for a long time. Let your body reset and reset. Often, as you move upwards, you can continue to improve.

OK is fine

When you are trying to destroy the plateau, avoid temptation to overpower yourself or lift up more or longer than your feelings. These types of things can lead to damage, make you suspicious and motivate you.

It's good to be good at a good exercise. "It's almost never a good idea to really want to go to the gym every time you go and take the train," said Brijet, "to get a gold medal." "You have some of the possibilities to do this." "Burns".

Your body has limitations, and you can not continue to challenge it with intense endeavors, post-workout exercises. "If you do heavy exercises on Monday, you might want to do some other kind of exercise or exercise," he says. "Then you may think about your own challenge - maybe - your next exercise."

Clinton agrees that she has challenged her enough.

"Do not pay attention to the world of social media," bold character in the gym "or the latest trends, just doing something randomly, because someone is more suitable - or that is more appropriate - that," he says. "Finding a routine that works and stick with it continuously, but gradually makes it harder."

Repeat your metabolism, too
To lose weight, you should consume less calories to burn throughout the day. "You can not teach a bad diet - unless you are 20 years old," Clayton says.

But when you consume less calories, your body is adjusted to less energy and can lead to decay. Your body may tell your body that you do not have more weight to lose.

If you need a few pounds, the best way to reach the plateau is to exercise and eat. Your metabolism will ultimately reach your new habits and begin to lose weight again.

Life happens

Sometimes you may be doing more than just doing what you do from the gym. This will help the bigger picture.

"Often, people are focused enough and focus only on what is going on at the gym in terms of training," Bryant said. "They do not generally look at their lives, in terms of" Do I have sex problems? "Or," My work demands are really crazy! "Or" Do I travel more than usual? "All this is changing how our body responds to the exercises."

Maintaining this wider perspective and adapting to your circumstances will help you well. "I've always trained customers based on my motivation and my life status, they know they're not going to push for a certain amount of time when they're busy," Clayton said. "But in the same way, when these stressors are reduced, we're going to ramp up everything."

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