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Several strong reasons for sleeping more

Several strong reasons for sleeping more

Lack of sleep at night can confront you the next day. And over time, eliminating sleep can overcome the mood of your breakfast. Studies show that sleep quality can be regular and can help improve a variety of issues, from your blood glucose to your workouts.

That's why you need your ZZZ body.

The brain is slower

When you are asleep, you probably have trouble keeping and calling details. So sleep plays an important role in learning and learning. Without enough sleeping, it makes it difficult to focus on new information. Your brain has not had enough time to store your memories so you can kill them later.

sleeping allows you to pull your brain back to get ready for what's going on in the future.

Strengthen mental states

The other thing your brain is doing when you sleep is to process your emotions. Your mind needs to recognize and respond to the right path. When you cut this short, you tend to have more emotional and negative reactions.

A chronic sleep deprivation can also increase the likelihood of mood disorder. A large study showed that when you are sleeping, you are five times more likely to have depression, and your fear of anxiety or anxiety may be even greater.

Sleeping Refreshing Sleep helps you to get the reset button in one bad day, improve your life perspective and be more prepared to meet the challenges.

Healthy heart

As you fall asleep, your blood pressure decreases and your heart and blood vessels relax a little. You get less sleep, the more your blood pressure persists during a 24-hour cycle. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, including stroke.

Short-term low rates can have long-term payments.

Sports Achievements

If your exercise requires a quick blast, such as a wrestling or weightlifting, losing sleep may not affect your stretching exercises, such as running, swimming or cycling. But you do not do any good

In addition to robbing energy and time to repair muscles, sleep deprivation will motivate you, this is what brings you to the finish line. You will face a psychological and physical challenge - and see slower reaction times.

Adequate rest sets you for your best performance.

Sustained blood glucose

Throughout the depths of your slower sleep cycle, your blood glucose levels will be reduced. Insufficient time at this deeper level does not mean that it is not possible to reset this failure, such as leaving volume. Your body will respond more tightly than your cellular needs and your blood glucose.

Let yourself be in this deep sleep and be at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Fighting germs

Your immune system identifies and removes bacteria and harmful viruses to diagnose diseases. The constant lack of sleep changes your immune cells. They may not attack quickly, and you can become sick more.

Overnight rest can now help you feel tired, tired, and also spend your day in bed as your body struggles to improve.

Weight control

When you relax well, you become hungry. Sleepwalking with hormones in your brain - leptin and ghrelin - that controls appetite.

Resist the temptation of unhealthy foods with those who come out of balance. And when you're tired, you're more likely to lift your body and move. Together, this is a recipe for putting in pounds.

The time spent in bed with the time spent on the desk and gym will help you manage your weight.

Much more than a good thing?

Sleep needs are different, but on average, regular sleep more than 9 hours per night can be more damaging than damage. Research has shown that people who have a longer life span have more calcium in the arteries and arthritis.

The best result is to shoot for 7-8 hours of sleeping every night to score health benefits.

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