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Can exercise reduce the harmful effects of alcohol?

Can exercise reduce the harmful effects of alcohol?

The risk of death is lower

The researchers said that, as a rule, drinking increases the risk of death from cancer and all causes. But only 2.5 hours of physical activity per week can reduce this possibility, a large study of British residents.

"Among the polite participants, we have found that the risk of death from cancer and all the causes, even for alcohol, in the instructions, has slightly increased," he said. He is a researcher at the University of Montreal Public Health School.

He said that this finding, along with the risk of death for athletes, further illustrates the positive effect that exercise physical activity may have on human health.

However, the authors of the study do not say that everyone who drinks regularly should stop drinking any long-term physical consequences.

However, "the current physical activity of the public health advice compensates for some of the cancer and all the cause of the death risk associated with drinking alcohol," the authors of the study.

Average drinking

The current US guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. It includes walking fast, cycling, ballet dancing and gardening. The guidelines state that exercising increases the health benefits up to 300 times a week.

The authors of the study instructed drinkers, so that over 12 standard American drinks per week for men and eight for women.

Compared to people who never drank, the study found that the use of these values ​​was 36% higher than cancer deaths, and the risk of any cause is more than 13%.

The authors of the study say: For drinkers, the recommended average of (150 minutes) or high activity (300 minutes) "significantly" increases the likelihood of death from all causes and reduces the risk of cancer deaths. Became

The study also reported that the likelihood of death from hazardous drinking has dropped.

Scientists believe that exercise and alcohol have similar pathways in the body. But, where drinking may cause damage, exercise may be protective.

Dangerous drinks

The international team of researchers reviewed the results of eight health surveys in England and Scotland. More than 36,300 people at age 40 completed their questionnaires from 1994 and 2006. Researchers evaluated their exercise patterns and drinking habits.

Over 10 years of follow up, 5735 deaths have been reported.

The researchers found that they did not seem to be at risk for any cause of death, as had "drinking" drinks, compared with those who drank. Dangerous Drugs are defined as 8 to 20 US Standard Drinks for Women and 12 to 28 for Men.

This is a dose-related link, which means that you were more likely to drink more, more risk for cancer. But the risk of death from both cancer or all causes amongst those who slowed the practice of meeting practice than those with less physical activity. The researchers said the effect on cancer was more pronounced.

The authors of the study noted that alcohol plays an important role in Western culture. Nearly 9 out of 10 American adults reported in 2013 that they used alcohol during their lives. In this study, more than half of them said they had alcohol last month.

According to food guidelines for Americans, alcohol is defined as a drink for women and two days for men.

The results of the study are published in the British Medical Journal.

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