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6 important natural things for women's skin beauty

6 important natural things for women's skin beauty

If you did not understand better, you might think that the secret is looking for the best thing to be buried deep inside a cup of precious commodities. not much

According to Doris Day, MD, a faculty member of the New York School of Dentistry, the things you do every day can, to a large extent, sometimes give more "to cover your skin with all the fuels it needs" to be recharged, repaired And resist the daily pressures of life. Langon University Medical Center.

Today, start using today's six healthy habits that show you the best you can today.

1. Sleep on it

All you have to do is to check the look of the mirror after a night and become an accurate understanding of the amount of fat in your skin.

Research supports it. Sleep's 2013 study found that people who were deprived of sleep had puffy eyes, bleeding eyes, dark under eyes, more wrinkles and mild eyelids than those who had fallen asleep well.

Guilty Cortisol stress hormone.

"It's sleeping at a low rate," says Amy Waxler, dermatologist, author of The Mind-Beauty Connection, "so if you sleep well enough, your cortisol levels will increase and lead to collagen loss." "You can see it after even one night of insomnia." The goal is to have an eye close every 7.5 to 8 hours.

2. Remove the sweat

According to a 2014 study at the University of Mcstarest, Ontario, people over the age of 40 who practice regularly have peer skin.

Even better, you do not have to run a marathon or your life in the yoga class to get rewards. Individuals who worked at the medium-speed study - they ran twice a week or twice on bike twice a week - also saw benefits.

Key? Touching it will select an activity you like (dog, bike with your kids), then mark it in your calendar.

3. Look at the shadow of the street.

Sunscreens that you use every day can help, but not on it alone. For one thing, it wears as the day goes on.

To ensure that you are completely protected against UV rays, use sunscreens when using sunlight, especially from 10 am to 4 am, following the shade and cover. This is when burns and UVB rays cause cancer in the most severe. We speak over the years, especially at high altitudes and on reflective surfaces such as snow and ice, where you can get a UV dose.

"There is nothing older than ultraviolet radiation," Wechsler says. Over time, collagen will be eliminated, it will thin the skin and create additional sunspots and blood vessels. "

4. Hydrated stay

Check out your favorite moisturizing ingredients and see the chance to see one of them, called "Hyaluronic Acid". It is naturally found on your skin and is a moisture magnet, keeping your water from food and drinks, making the skin stronger and more complete.

But the day, "says," If you're running low water, instead of water, your other organs go. "

A quick trick to knowing if your skin is thirsty: pull your back or arm down. If the skin does not go back quickly, you are reducing the H2O level.

Is not a fan of water simple? Fruits and vegetables that are naturally loaded with water - such as cucumbers, cauliflower, tomatoes, grapefruit and celery - are equally effective.

5. Be worried, be more happy

Wechsler says: When you're affected, cortisol, which is familiar to the enemy, rises, doing a number in collagen, causing skin and wrinkles. Not surprisingly, men in the 2013 Biology Letters study found women with high levels of stress hormones that are less attractive.

Meditation A stressed stress is proven, but this is not the only one. Treat yourself to a massage or a manicure. Working is also a stress problem. And if you're calm down well, it's best to manage it. Win!

6. Regularly clean the skin.

Skin cells are constantly changing, but as soon as you grow older and depending on the environment, you sometimes need help to completely disappear. Once or twice a week, help your skin and soothe the skin.

Try the complete DIY DIY DIY recipes: Combine salt, sugar, and honey and coconut oil enough to form a paste. He says that if your skin is oily, it becomes thicker and larger.

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