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5 things you can do when you cant sleep

5 things you can do when you can't sleep

We all slept in bed at nights while awake, we could not calm our thoughts. There are many reasons why you might forget your sleep - maybe you're too late for caffeine in the afternoon, for example, or for a few hours on your laptop screen, staring down your time before bedtime You did not get ready.

These are the things that need to be kept in sleep for the better of the coming days. But if there's a late change to these changes, and you're going to spend a lot of awakening now? Or if you've done everything "right" to get to bedtime, and still see yourself pouring and turning?

"It's very common for people to report physical exhaustion, but they can not turn off their minds, especially if they are very excited or worried about something," said James Witley, Clinic secretary of the Sleep Behavioral Therapy Program. University of Pennsylvania Perlman School of Medicine.

Findley says it may be difficult to calm those thoughts, but some of the tricks that might prevent your brain from becoming early, so you can wake up. Here's how many people are struggling for the next unconscious strikes.

Do a task list

Findley says, "Concerns make people wake up and do not worry." "It can also be something positive that you're planning on, like a trip or a great event with lots of things to keep in mind." Spending time during the day or afternoon to sit down and fix these concerns may help - but if it's too late for it, pick up a laptop and try to physically get them in one day List.

A recent study showed that the writing of a list of future work would help people nine minutes faster than people who did what they did on that day. (The longer and more precisely the list of participants, the faster they fall asleep.) It may seem that focus on individual responsibilities will lead to faster sleep, but researchers think that taking them over On the paper, it clears the mind and stops the rumble, at least temporarily.

Get out of bed

Cormac O'Donovan, MD, professor of medicine at the Baptist Medical Center at Wake Forest, says that bedding and trying to sleep in bed is a bad idea, because it can train your brain to make your bed and bedroom Insomnia and worries - which only make matters worse over time. Instead, if you wake up more than 20 to 30 minutes, get out of bed and do something else.

Dr. O'Donovan says: "If you're trying to sleep and your brain is not allowed, I can just go to sleep very soon." The conventional wisdom may tell you that you need to sleep for eight hours, "but everyone is different, and the body of some people only requires six or seven." Staying up until you're really tired can help you find a sleep pattern that's best for you, as long as you can still wake up from the morning without any problems.

Read the book, but something is not too exciting

"It can help read something that helps keep your mind out of what you're worried about, but it's something that's not very irritating and does not work for something else," she says. " If sleeping is not usually a big problem for you, reading in bed is good for 20 to 30 minutes, he adds. But if you wake up later, get out of bed and read somewhere else to feel comfortable.

Listen to a podcast

The rules for podcasts and audio books remain the same as books. Find something that is not so exciting or uncomfortable (for example, leave warm political discussions and secrets of murder) and get out of the bed and listen to something else - for example, in the living room bench - if driving Do not go in bed immediately.

Try the relaxing sounds

Dr. O'Donovan says, "There is no good research on sound treatment, but it may be worth the effort for some people." "I told some patients that they live on the beach, and now that they live in the big city, they lose the ocean of voice."

He says, download an app or buy a white noise device to create your own or your favorite sounds. "They may help create an environment that is more useful for sleep," she said. They may even recall memories of more relaxed times and they will come to your attention that you are worried about at any moment.


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