Saturday, February 23, 2019

Strengthen Your Core Without The Sit-Ups

Strengthen Your Core Without The Sit-Ups
Core strength is better with the balance and the ability to carry a deadly heavy base to the abdominal muscles. It includes muscles in the stomach, back and sides of your body. Kernel strength helps to balance and wear and easily moves with a heavy pack. Many Saipa changes are just one way to strengthen the core. But there are other movements that help to strengthen the nucleus, especially by targeting the back and the muscles. The punch is above the top of the pressure, before lowering it. The calf version holds its weight in the elbow and chest. The calf version holds its weight in its main power rather than keeping a normal position of the board.

Forearm plank

  • Start with elbows and knees

  • Place the elbow under your shoulders or wider

  • Hold your hands in front of your elbow. Do both paddles or hands on hand

  • Press the space between the shoulder blade to the sky

  • Step by step one step at a time to the stack position

  • Without moving the arms, try the elbow Press the elbows

  • 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then repeat

  • To work harder, alternate lift one foot at a time from the ground.


  • By touching on your right

  • Hold your right elbow under your shoulder

  • Hold your hand straight from your elbow. In any case, pick up an unprotected fist or palm * Step left foot in front of you

  • Flex your right fingers to your side

  • Press the right elbow, the left leg and the outer edge of your right foot, then your waist Take off your shoulders

  • Do not comb your shoulders - Cover the waist and the best armpit

  • Hold 30 seconds to 2 minutes

  • Switch the switches and then repeat from each side

  • Try to work harder. Stir your legs.

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