Friday, February 22, 2019

How Yoga Benefits Your Kids

you may think that a child would not have as much stress as an adult since they do not have as many responsibilities as an and just the responsibility of school alone can be too overwhelming for some children. Additionally, being raised in a technology-crazed world, where everything is happening fast and patience runs thin if it isn’t happening fast enough, can lead to anxiety. Therefore, children need to learn as early as possible, constructive ways of dealing with the demands and pressures of life from they are young, so that it becomes second-nature to them when they are adults. One valuable method of teaching kids how to handle stress is to teach them yoga. Let us explore just how yoga benefits children

How Yoga Benefits Your Kids

why yoga

In addition to equipping method of relaxation, yoga helps to build self- awareness and self-esteem through an activity that is not about winning like sports. Instead of adding to the culture of competitiveness and opposition that already exists, yoga helps your children to learn other arguably more important lessons, like endurance and self-care. They will learn how to self-sooth, how to relax in healthy ways by developing calmness
through their yoga practice.

You are bound to see this increased level of calmness and focus translate into their not the most intensive practice (though it definitely can be) it can be a great way for kids to get exercise while connecting with their inner, higher self. If you decide to start a yoga practice with your children, it can be a great opportunity for you to deepen your bond with them. Additionally, it can be one of the greatest investments you make for your children as you would have laid the foundation for how they deal with all the challenges of life they will encounter in their personal journeys.

It is better to teach them yoga when they are young before someone teaches them other destructive ways of dealing with life’s responsibilities and difficulties.

Things to consider

For parents of younger children or those who just want to share the practice with their children, being flexible or at least having the willingness to become more flexible will be important. if you are not flexible or not in the best of shape when you just start out, you  will find out exactly why yoga is the only exercise some people do. Keeping your children’s attention long enough to teach them the different yoga poses and ultimately lessons like focus, peace, connection, stillness and balance, can be hard. However, if you stick to it while maintaining your patience and allowing them to make sounds or take breaks, will help you to progress in doing the practice with your little ones.

academic performance. There are tons of physical benefits of doing yoga that your children will enjoy. It will increase their balance, strength and flexibility
qualities they can use to enhance their performance in their other endeavors such as gymnastic or skating, or any other sport for that matter, which requires focus and self awareness. And while yoga is

“...being flexible or at least having the willingness to become more flexible will be important.”

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