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How To Be a Healthy Chocoholic



How To Be a Healthy Chocoholic

It has been estimated that chocolate has been around for 2000 years, although Tajik cocoa beans have long existed. Originally developed by ancient native American cultures, it was used to produce hot chocolate. According to the, Spanish Conquistadors came into being when using cocoa beverages when attacking motherland and adding spices and sugar. As the popularity of this new, sweet and sweet chocolate has risen, and although the Spaniard tried (and succeeded), 100 years ago he could not keep the mood of creation. The rest of Europe has hot chocolate and hot chocolate to the social elite, all over the world. Solid chocolate was invented by Josef Fairy, when he found that adding cocoa butter to cocoa powder forms a solid mass. Later on, Daniel Peter, Swiss Chiclayos (and his neighbor Henry Nestle), was experimenting with the addition of condensed milk, and hence milk milk was born. Today, more than 4.5 million tons of cocoa beans are consumed worldwide every year.

OUT OF ID EAST Box (Chocolate)

Although a unique and unique treatment, chocolate can be used in much greater quantities. Why not try one of these weird delicious ideas:

Cocoa breakfast bites:

At this time, break this raw recipe. Add walnuts, jujube and cream cocoa powder to a food processor and until the nuts are tiny. Add the dates and a teaspoon of peanut butter and cut it again. When it is mixed and viscous, slightly wet the hands and draw small combinations of dilutions. Break the balls in the fridge for at least an hour (or put them in the morning to catch and go in the morning).

Chocolate avocado mousse:

This deliciously healthy dessert requires only five ingredients. Mix a ripe avocado, mix a small cocoa powder, almond milk, maple syrup and vanilla extract for a sweet, rich, and healthy chocolate. Get the Plant Based Magazine number from September 2018 for full recipe (p. 45).

Kicking coconut hot chocolate:

Extreme on the late end of the winter with a hot, flavored chocolate. For this warm-up drink, add coconut milk, dark chocolate and Alittle or Agua nectar to a bowl on low heat. Mix all the chocolate until it has melted. Add chopped powder to chopped powder, mix it again and eat in your favorite cup.


The simple act of buying a chocolate bar is always when you can master the masterpiece. If you are close to a health store or supermarket, which one is a specialty cookie, this is great, but not much more, you should use random local chocolate wines. This will allow you to check a large number of items on the list. So, to make it a little easier, here are some important features to take care of when choosing your chocolate: 1 milk - usually written boldly, as it is known as allergen (as Many of the following products are produced from milk: a large amount of non-herbal chocolate contains large quantities of cow's milk. 2 Whey powder - Whey is one of two proteins in milk (another casein) and a product of the cheese production process. It is also known that a product called Reetto is used in the production of some cheese powders; it is said to have been made from a calf belly. 3 Milk Milk Powder - In many non-concentrated chocolate, these powders are made by removing water from pasteurized milk. Lactose - Sugar in milk, lactose, in the list of non-concentrated chocolate chocolate. Although it is a sugar, it does not actually add a lot of sweets to chocolate, and so it's totally worthless. Some chocolates have stated that lactose is free, but that does not mean that it is vegan. 5 Sulfonated Solids - Like sweet powder, chemicals are removed when all water is removed from the liquid valve. 6 Cereal and Cereal Beverages - Intriguingly, even if the chocolate is in a non-dairy chocolate bar, each flavor may not be added or it may not be high. Be careful to add chocolate filled with spices to spicy beans, as it can contain honey, gelatin, milk, or other animal food products. Palm oil is also used to produce chocolate, vegan and non-enriched bathtubs. And while this is not a product of animal origin, many people can prevent it from degrading the agricultural process. In some companies, there are policies that make palm oil or palm oil available from supplies - quick search on the Internet gives you all the details. How to create this general health law is that dark chocolate is not only more likely to be randomly vegan - more than white milk or white chocolate - but also oten is a healthy option. Most commercial chocolate, vegan or non-concentrated, includes the masses of sugar and fat. Dark chocolate, however, tends to focus on a high amount of cocoa powder and a lower amount of other ingredients - oten removes milk from the substance completely using cocoa butter in place. Even the regular use of chocolate dark chocolate helps to improve your health. The cocoa itself has flavonol compounds, which have been proven in accordance with the British nutrition program (, which helps improve blood pressure, cholesterol and other elements of heart health. So, given the high amount of dark chocolate cocoa, it can also have similar benefits. However, this is all a question of balance - it's really healthy, it's more advisable to use raw crude organic cocoa instead of chocolate; but a small dark chocolate is not the biggest crimes of the diet. If you are looking for accountability, choose the highest non-dairy chocolate with cocoa and the least amount of fat. Or add raw cocoa powder to a protein-rich treatment, such as energy-based energy balls.

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