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7 Things To Boost Fat Loss


There is no magic pill to Boost Fat Loss, but a series of small steps can bring rewards that will add up

7 Things To Boost Fat Loss

1.Size matters

You can eat too much healthy food, and many of us serve large portions of lean meat and wrinkles of rice and pasta while skimping on vegetables. In general, the later you dine, the smaller the portion should be. When it comes to meat and chicken, stick with a palm-sized portion and less than a cup of cooked rice, pasta or grains. Loading a plate with 2-3 cups of salad or vegetables will keep other foods under control. Another option is to change your main meal for lunch and keep dinner in a simple soup or salad.

2.It’s all about timing

If you enjoy your first meal too late in the day, you will have lost the benefits of starting your metabolism first thing in the morning. Then, if you eat dinner too late, you are more likely to store body fat. Maintaining food intake within a 12 hour time window is better for the metabolism. This means breakfast at 8 am, lunch at noon or 1 pm and dinner at 7 pm at the latest.

3.Protein up

As a nutrient, proteins require more kilos to digest than carbohydrates and proteins. This means that foods that are high in protein will naturally give you a boost to burn fat. Aspirate 20-30 g of good quality protein at each meal is ideal, or the equivalent of 2 eggs, a small chicken breast, a tin of canned fish or 1/2 cup of legumes, with a couple of tablespoons of cheese cottage or a Greek yogurt tub. Any sandwich should also contain a minimum of 5-10 g of protein. Good choices include cheese over whole grain crackers, Greek yogurt with fruit or a small scoop of nuts or protein.

4.Shop less,buy less and keep less food around

Humans will eat any food that is available. This means that the more food you buy, the more likely you are to eat. As such, the easiest way to cut kilo kilos is to buy less food. This does not mean not buying enough to make nutritious meals, but rather, skipping the little extras that we usually have on hand and eating when we are hungry, or not, cookies, sandwiches, nuts, candies that we want to keep as special. Occasions but in the end you end up eating. If it's not there, you can not eat it!

5.Spice up your life

The reason you may feel a bit warm after enjoying a hot meal or a curry is that spicy foods slightly increase your metabolic rate. This means that adding a little chili or spices to your meals will naturally help you burn more kilo joules. Good combinations include a little cayenne pepper with your favorite salad dressing, turmeric with your hummus and hamburgers, or chili with your favorite or sautéed soup.

6.Go for wholefoods

It has been shown that the consumption of whole foods (for example, a steak instead of minced meat, or wholemeal bread instead of white) produces a greater kilojoule burn than alternatives to more processed foods. This means that the more natural the food you eat, the better it will be for your metabolism. So choose whole fruits and vegetables, with intact skin, fish fillets, meat and chicken, and whole-food sandwiches like nuts, fruit and yogurt, instead of processed cookies, bars and cakes.

7.Drink your water right   

                                                                                                                                                                     Staying well hydrated is a necessity to support optimal energy levels and for your digestive system to function efficiently, which in turn supports optimal metabolic functioning. There is also some evidence that showing that serving your ice water helps give you a boost to burn fat after each glass. It has also been shown that green tea increases fat burning after meals, so including a cup or two of that each day is another simple way to improve your body's fat burning potential.

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