Tuesday, February 26, 2019

3 important points for positive thinking


3 important points for positive thinking

While your kids may roll their eyes when you encourage them to look on the bright side of life, your heart may thank you. A new study says that optimism can help patients achieve better outcomes when it comes to cardiovascular health problems. Improve your ability to harness positive thoughts by asking yourself these three

What would be fun right now?   

When you catch yourself ruminating about negative events, redirect your brain to think of positive ones like seeing a friend, reading an exciting novel or soaking in a bubble bath.

How could this inspire me?   

Instead of envying humble-brag Facebook posts, let them motivate you to try making a new dish or send someone an “I love you” text.

What would I tell a friend?

If you’re having trouble cutting yourself some slack about a mistake, consider what you’d say to a friend in the same position. Chances are you’d be a lot kinder to them than you’re being to yourself.

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