Saturday, February 23, 2019

10 ways a dad can really help with breastfeeding

10 ways a dad can really help with breastfeeding

How can dad really help with breastfeeding

1. Set her up Warm her gel pads, fetch the feeding pillow and prop her up comfortably.

2. Burp and change baby after feeding.

3. Give her words of encouragement and tell her how proud you are of her.

4. Let her rest afterwards while you soothe baby to sleep, or hold him if he’s not ready for a nap yet.

5. Bring her something to drink and a snack to nibble on – breastfeeding is
thirsty work.

6. Attend a breastfeeding class with her.

7. Reduce stress in the home – limit visitors in the very beginning, and don’t expect her to get up and make tea for people

8. Prepare the breast pump in between feeds.

9. Provide some entertainment for her,
like a new TV series to watch, a book or magazine to read, or her phone or iPad.

10. Occupy pets and your other children so she can focus on the new baby.


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